Worldwide shipping of the products. Free shipping in Italy. For more information on shipping worldwide, please contact us via e-mail. [email protected]

Guide to your measurements
Irene Otekpere dresses are handmade by professional tailors based on the measurements you provide us.
Follow the instructions for your perfect look. please contact us via-email [email protected]

In some cases it may be necessary to apply some adjustments and for this Irene guarantees a perfect dress, reimbursing additional costs for any changes made to the product, as indicated below: Variations for the local tailor: Full dress €50, Blouses €20, Trousers €30, Jacket €40.  The reimbursement is available only for clients who acquired tailor made dresses, based on their own measurements  the reimbursement is available only for purchases above 500,00 euro  any additional costs will be borne by the consumer. To request a refund for changes made by your tailor, follow the instructions below:Take your dress to the tailor. Make the necessary changes within 7 days of receiving the order, send us the tailor's payment receipt, telling us your order number, to the following email address: [email protected]  

Irene Otekpere's made-to-measure products are always made based on the measurements you indicate. The clothes are adjusted and customized according to the measures you selected. We cannot guarantee that a dress in standard size will have a perfect fit and this is why we recommend using custom sizes. 

The Returns 
How can I return a product? If you are not totally happy and satisfied with the product you purchased, you can return it within 8 working days from the delivery date. You will be fully reimbursed.To obtain a refund, the following method must be followed:Send us 3 photos of you wearing the dress (front, side, back) so that the error is visible, and send it via email to the following address: [email protected] The complaint will be reviewed and approved by our staff, who will inform you of the approval. 

Reimbursement of returns

The returned dress must be sent in the original packaging at the consumer's expense, together with the return form with the shipping number and tracking number to the following address: [email protected] 
The reimbursement of the payment will take place within 15 working days from the receipt of the product. The total amount paid will be credited with the same payment method used for the purchase. Otherwise, the consumer must immediately communicate the different choice and provide the bank details on which she wishes to receive the refund. 

 that we only accept unused and undamaged products. Products that show signs of use, damage or products that have been modified in any way will not be accepted. Any shipment that does not comply with the previous conditions will be returned to the consumer without any refund.

Transport and Delivery

Shipping costs are included in the price for purchase above 500,00 Euro.We ship worldwide, within 20 days of order confirmation, depending on the destination.Delivery time is between 2 and 3 weeks. During the order process, you will be informed of the delivery times set for your order. The delivery date indicated is estimated and not guaranteed.Due to external factors the delivery date may be different from the confirmed date. We constantly monitor production, air transport and final delivery: we work hard to deliver the product as soon as possible.Irene Otekpere cannot be held responsible for losses, inconveniences, costs or other damages deriving from late deliveries.When your order reaches the logistics company, you will receive an automatic email with the tracking link.The status information of your order is accessible through the consumer account at any time. As soon as the order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email containing the tracking number. Upon receipt of the product by the consumer, the contract is considered concluded.In some cases the logistics company can bill the final consumer with customs fees. In this case, you are kindly requested to provide the due payment and to send us the payment receipt. We will refund the total amount of customs fees, as they are already included in the product price.

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